Hello.My name is Esther, I'm 12 years old.I live in Otura (Granada).My favourite animals are the dog the cat.I play at handball team called ''Club de Balonmano veleta''.I like go to the street with my friends and play

This who I am (:

My Favourite meal

Favourite meal
My favourite meal is paella.
In my house.
Who eats the meal
With my mom, my sister and my grandmother.
Food in the meal
Rice, meat, vegetables and bread.


My favourite meal is Saturday meal.I eat with my mother, my sister and my grandmother.

We eat all toguether at home.We eat rice with meat, vegetables and bread.My sister and me drink coke but my grandmother and my mother drink water.For dessert there's milk rice, oranges and yogurt.

I this meal (:

1.Plan what we want to include in our choice.

We are going to include:

1 Information of the animal's specie.

2 Charateristic information of our animal.

3 Where does the koala live?

4 How much does the koala weigh?

5 Where does the koala eat?

6 When and how does the koala sleeps?

7 What is the koala size?
8 Interesting facts.

Information about koala

Mammals are vertebrates ,have hair on their bodies, produce milk to feed their babies.

The Koala is a mammal and a hervivore that eats eucalyptus leaves at night.
They can live in wild 20 years average.
Their size is about 60 to 85 cm.
They can weigh around 9 kg.
They live in Australia.

They sleep 18 hours during the day.


The name of koala derives from an old word that in spanish means ''sin bebida'' or ''el que no bebe''.

and this is because it takes 90% of the water from the eucalyptus leaves that it eats

The end

My favourite place

I live in Otura, Granada in Spain.Granada has got many interesting places to visit.There are shops, cinemas, restaurants, museums and monuments.My favourite place is Sierra Nevada.I'm going with my friends the Thursday, 7th of february.We going to do some ski.It's a great place to be funny.



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