Pablo Torres,

Teresa Torres,

Iván Cortés

Laura Ros,


1.Did you go to school when you were a child?

2.How old were you when you started working?

3.What job did you have?

4.Did your boss pay you?

5.How many money did you get in your work?

6.How many hours did you work?

7.How many years was you at school?

8.How many brothers and sisiters have you got?

9.What type of food did you eat?

10.How many hours did you play with your friends?

11.Had you got animals in your house?

12.Had you got a good childhood?

Our answer:

Pablo Torres interview :Concepción Sousa Vallejo 73 years old.

1.Yes,she did

2.She, began to worked at young age

3.She ,worked in the house

4.She, had no work

5.She, didin't recibed money

6.Whe,n the family needed helped

7.She ,was 6 years at school

8.She ,had 5 brothers and two sisters

9.Orchard food

10.She, played few time but played with her brothers and sisters

11.Yes ,she had a horse,pigs and cow

12.Yes ,she had

Tere Torres interview :Felipe García Cabello 76 years old.

1.he didn't go to school

2.At the age of eight began working

3.wolked and keeped pigs

4.he had a salary

5.two pesetas

6.eight or nine hours

7.he went six years at school

8.three sisters and seven brothers

9.stems and crumbs, didn't have time

11.yes a mule,so

Ivan Cortes interview:Maria Belen Martos Perez 38 years old

1.Yes,she did

2.16 years old

3.She,worked in a hairdress

4.No,she didn't

5.She,didn't recibe money

6.She,worked 11 hours

7.She,was 6 years

8.She,had 1 sister

9.She,ate vegetables and stew

10.She,played 1 hour

11.yes,she had 1 dog


Laura Ros interview:Maria Victoria Duart Costea 49 years old

1.Yes, she went.

2.She was 14 years old.

3.She worked in a bookshop.

4.She had a salary.

5.She got 1,700 pesetas.

6.She worked 11 hours.

7.She was 8 years at school.

8.She had two brothers.

9.She ate changeable diet.

10.she play two or three hours a week.

11.She had cats.

12.Yes, she had


Three of the four parents interviewed went to school went were a child.

Between 8 and 14 years our parents had their first job.
Three of the four parents interviewed work outside.
two parents had a salary.
All parents worked 8 hours.
Most of the parents was 6 years in the school.
Two of the parents had more than five brothers and sister
Most of the people ate good food
Three of the four people interviewed played a few hours
All the parents had animals in their house
The half of the parents interviewed had a good childhood and the other half had a so,so childhood