Hello I´m Lucia vergara montoya. I have twelve years old and I live in Otura (Granada). I like rhythmic gymnastics and I like animals.

Favourite meal: spaghetti

Where: In my house

Who eats the meal: My family

Food in the meal: Sunday dinner

What is my favourite meal? It´s Sunday dinner . My family is always at home for Sunday dinner and all eats spaghetti whith cream.

This wonderfully delicius!!!!!

Sea Stars

*The sea stars live in sea with fish , algaes.....

*The sea stars are small, they usually measure 12-24 cm across

*The sea stars are carnivores (eat other animals)

*the sea stars have different colours: orange, pink, white, yelow ...


they live about 35 years.

The sea stars can be smooth,spiny,or slimy.

They can be as big as 1 meter across!

When the animal is completely digested the stomach is pulled back into the sea star's body.


Name of the city: Granada

Interesting places to visit: Shops,restaurants,cinemas,monuments and the stadium

Favourite place: The center of Granada

Activities at favourite place: Go with my friends to the center of granada,buy cothes,talk and have a good time.

I live in Granada,Spain.Granada has got many interesting places to visit.There are shops,restaurants and cinemas.There is also a very big stadium.In Granada,there is many monuments.My favourite place is the center of Granada.I often go thee with my friends.We see a lot of things like cothes... Also we see people and hotel,restaurants... Granada is a great place to live.centro-granada.jpg