Hello!.my name is maria.I'm twelve years old.I live in otura(Granada).

I have got long and blond hair.I have got green ayes.My fovourite colour is red.

I have got a purple glasses.

.Friday Dinner.

favourite meal:It's friday dinner.
Where:In my hause or in my grandfather's hause.
Who eats the meal:with my sister.
Food in the meal:York jam,chesee and tomato.

What is my favourite meal?It's friday dinner.

My sister and my,sometimes eat pizza on friday dinner. My favourite pizza is called:

pizza of ham york or pizza of four chesse.

The pizza of ham york (my favourite). is tomato,chesse and ham york.It's very delicious!.Eats in my house or in my grandfather's hause.



INTERESTING PLACES TO VISIT:The Alhambra,The shopping centre "serallo plaza",

The sierra nevada and The gardens of "Carmen de los Mártiles".


Are you looking for a good film to see?Then try TITANIC.

TITANIC is a romance and drama film.The main characters are Jack

and Rose. Jack and Rose meet on the TITANIC,the largest ship in

the world (at that time).They fall in love. But on April 15th, 1912,

The TITANIC hit an iceberg and it sank 1500 people died, inclunding

Jack. I recommend this movie because it is very beautiful, interesting and

realistic. :D