* Hello, my name it's Anna. I'm from Dílar( GRANADA ).I'm eleven years old, my birthday it's the 16 of Diceber. I love music, singing, dancing, spend the evenig with my friends, cooking ang marking paintins with brush. My favourite colour are: Blue, pink, orange, purple, white and yellow. My favourite animal are: dog


Sunday breatfast:

WHERE: In my grandparents

WHO EATS THE MEAL : Chocolate cereals, orange juice and chocolate cookies.

WHEN: Sunday morning

* Every Saturday morning, my grandparents and I had breakfast together at home. When we finished breakfast,my grandfather is going to work in the fields,my grandma and I,we go shopping at zara,yera,bersca,...ect(we will not always al lat once).



* Ground squirrels are small animals and very funny animals. They are 19 to 24 centimitres long and their tail is 15 to 20 centimetres long and they live in open areas like pastures, fields.... They live for 3 to 5 years. They sleep during the day and in winter they sleep all the time because they hibernate. They are omnivore, they eat mostly plants, including leaves, stems, flowers, fruits.... Also they eat grain and nut crops, because they love it.

They do sport every day and they are often in the trees.


- They have 5 to 8 babies

- Their burrow is from 5-200 ft (152 to 6100 centimetres)

- They bury their nuts and dried fruit

- There are many types of squirrels like:

* Red Squirrels

* Gray Squirrels

* Flying Squirrels

* Western Grey Squirrels and Chickarees

* Thirteen-Lined Ground Squirrel

( This information is from Diego zoo, national geographic and )


MY FAVOURITE FILM: Tinkerbell and the lost treasure

* Bell is an animated-film. The main character is bell and her friend. The queen of the fairies gives to Bell a very important job. she wants to do the sceptor of the otom the island of the fairies has a blue moon. She broke the lunar rock, so she wants to repare. This night she lisens to a story of a boat, and this boat a very importan treasure, a mirror, this mirror was from a pirate an dit ahd 3 wishes, and only had the 3º wish. Bell wants to the mirror to reparate rhe lunar rock.

I recoment this film because it's very interesting