claudia favourite meal

Favourite meal. : Sunday Breakfast
Where : At home
Who eats the meal : My mum, my dad and my
Food in the meal : Milk,coffee,toast,cereals and cake


what is my favourite meal? It is Sunday breakfast. My dad and mum are always at home for Sunday breakfast. There are milk or coffee, toast and cereals. There is also a big cake. ¡Everything is delicious!

claudia berenguer campillo 1ºB


  • Name of city : Granada
  • Interesting places to visit : The Alhambra, parque de las ciencias, sierra nevada...
  • Activities at favourite place : The parque de las ciencias you can see the humand body, the planetario, the mariposario...

My city : Granada
By : Claudia Berenguer Campillo
Group: 1ºB

I live in Otura, Granada. Granada has got interesting places to visit. There are the Alhambra, parque de las ciencias, Sierra Nevada, many shop in Granada centre and hasn,t got many museums. The par que de las ciencias is opposite a park, Alhambra is near hotel Palas,Sierra Nevada is a mountain of Granada. My favourite place is parque de las ciencias. you can see the humand body, mariposario, planetario an other think
it is a fantastic place. Granada is a great place to live.

it is granada

granada.jpg images.jpeg

it is the alhambra


it is Serrallo plaza

DSC02357.JPGimages.jpe Sierra_Nevada_21.JPG

it is Sierra Nevada

parque de las ciencias.jpeg mariposario.jpeg planetario.jpeg

it is Parque de las Ciencias it is a mariposario it is a planetario

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1. At what age did you go to school?
2.What did you learn in the school?
3.How many year were you in the school?
4.were did you work?
5.How old were you when you when you started working?
6.What did you like to do in your free time
7.Where did you travel out of Spain?
8.How many brother did you have?
9.When did you live?
10.What did you play when you are young?

·I interveu my grandmother:

NAME: Antonina Sillero Gamez AGE: 75 BIRTHDATE: 24/03/1937

1.she didn,t goto school.



4.she working save animals and cleaning floor

5.At the age of 8. At the age of 14

6.She liked playing in her free time.

7.No, she didn't travel.

8.She had 6 brothers/sister.

9.she lived in everywhere where his parents brought him.

10.she played with rag doll,ball,skipping rope...

My favourite film
​name of the film: campanilla y el secreto de las hadas.

type of film:animated film.

main character: fairies and animals
main event: Tinkerbell has a sister in a winter state but she doesn't know about her.
the fairies have a ruler that never crosses to the winter state . Campanilla and the tintineadores invented a machine for Tinkerbell's sister. periwinkle goes to the other state. At the end of the film the queen of the fairies has broken the norm. Campanilla and periwinkle are together forever.

why i recommend it: because it s a funny animated film and it's very interesting.