Favourite Meal:Sunday lunch

Where:In house of my grandsparent's house

Who eats the meal:All of my family

Food in the meal:Migas, bacon, anchovies, sardines, sausages and melon

Dessert:For dessert cheese cake and ice cream


What is your favourite meal? It's Sunday lunch.My family is always at my grandsparents's house and we eat all together.There is migas with bacon,anchovies,sardines,sausage and melon.For dessert,cheese cake and ice cream.Everything is delicious!

Killer Whale

-Their scientific name is Orcinus Orca.
-They are marine mammals.
-They are carnivore.
-They live about 50 to 80 years.
-They live in Polars regions to the Equator.
-They weight up to 6 tons (5,443 Kg).
-Their size is about 23 to 32 ft (7 to 9,7 m).
-They eat fish, squid and seabirds.


-Their teeth have the side of 10 cm long,each killer whale have 10 to 12 pairs of teeth.
-They comunicate and hunt making sounds, this sounds travel underwater.
-They form groups of 6 to 40 individuals.
-The killer whale mothers are pregnant 16 or 17 month, in each period they have only one baby.
-Each group of killer whales have a different type of sounds to comunicate.
-The brain of the killer whale is 5 times bigger than the human brain.
-The killer whale pass 60% of their time looking for food.
-They can reach 50 km/h in the water. Also they can swim in large depths.
-They as big as a bus.

(some of these curiosities are in Mundodescargas.com)


I live in Dílar, in Granada. Granada has got many interesting places to visit. There are shops, museums, monuments, cinemas and restaurants. My favourite place in Granada is Serrallo Plaza, this is next to park. I sometimes go there with my family and sometimes with my friends. I see films in the cinema, I buy food, clothings…. I eat in restaurants and I play with my friends and family.


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The croods

The croods is an animated 3D film for all ages. The main characteres are Kirk de Micco and Chris de Sanders. The protagonists of this film are a cave family. The father does not stop to realize many things, for example is not possible to go out of the cave in the night, but the major girl goes out of the cave in the night. When the girl goes out of the cave, she meets with a boy that is smarter that him family and she. The boy informs him about an earthquake, the end of the world. When this earthquake happens the cave of the family falls. The the family and the girl meet again with the boy, which helps them to survive in other world very different. Together have many aventures. The croods are many interesting and funnier than other animated films. I really recommend it.