My name is diego .

My favourite meal is :Wednesday dinner

Where? :at the restaurant

Who eats it?:My parents

Food in the meal?:Coke, fish and salad and a biscuit very good .

The dinner on wednesday

My favourite meal is Wednesday dinner , we eat at the restaurant .We eat coke, fish and salad and biscuits very good.I eat with my parents. I like so much the biscuits¡!

My city: Granada
By Diego Carretero

I live in Granada, Spain, Granada has got a Alhambra , Granada has got a lot of beatifull places like : "Sierra Nevada" and a beach like "Motril". there are shop and shoping centre an cinemas like "neptune" and "kinepolis". My favourite place in granada is " los carmenes"

you can see the matchs of the Granada football team.Granada is a great city.

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