maria: my grandfathers ( 84 age )
1.What studies did do you?
Primary school.
2.What do you play?
A hopscotch and the skipping.
3 Where do you live?
In Otura
4 What did you ate?
Stew pot, casserole and grisaille.
5How many people were in your family?
seven persons
6 Where did you study?
remember a maths
7 Where did you live?
In Otura
8 How old were you when you started working?
14 years
9. What did you do on free time?
play football

Aaron: my grandmothers ( 72 age)
1. Primary school
2. Take cure of her sister
3. In Otura
4. Vegetables, potatoes, coffee, milk and bread.
5. 4 people.
6. In Otura.
7. In Otura.
8. 15 years.
9. Take cure of her sister.

Javier: my mum ( 43 age )
1. A primary and secondary school.
2. A skipping.
3. La zubia
4. The same as now.
5. Six people.
6. La zubia.
7. La zubia.
8. 15 years.
9. walking and going to the see film with her friends.

Alberto: my dad ( 49 age )
1. The Primary school and the ESO.
2. Played football.
3. Otura.
4. Just as now.
5. seven people.
6. Otura.
7. Otura.
8. 17 years.
9. Walk.


Our grandparents and parents lived in Granada ever.
Grandparents studied Primary school and parents studied Primary and ESO.
They played skipping, hopscotch , walked with her friends and going to the see film with her friends.
They ate vegetables, fruit, chicken, milk...
In her family there were 3-4-5-6 people.
They started worked about 14-15 years.

Today they live in Otura and la zubia.
They don't study.
They play at boules in the park.
They eat it now, for example: chicken, potatoes, milk... etc.