*Lucía Vergara Montoya
*Rocio Amador Pertíñez
*Victor Velasco Álvarez
*David Montes Muñoz

1º Did you go to school?
2º Did you travel outside of Spain to work?
3º What did you play wen you was a child?
4º What was your first work?
5º What was your best friend when you was a child?
6º What was the hardest work that you had?
7º Where did you born?
8º Did you have a nickname?
9º What was your favourite food?
10º What your favourite team?
11º What was your favourite singer?
12º What type of music did you lisent?
13º Had you got a pet?

Lucia interview:
I interview my mother: Her name is Paqui Montoya Heredia she is 36 years old.
1º Yes,she went to school 6 years.
2º No,she didn't.
3º She played comba,ralluela,churro-pico-tecna,escondite,trompo,tinieblas,cromos,chinas etc.
4º Gathered grapes at the age of 12 years.
5º Her best friends was Tere y Carmen.
6º Gathered grapes and olive.
7º She born in Granada.
8º Yes,her nickname was Foca Blanca.
9º Her favourite food was lentils with rice and fennel.
10º She didn't like any football team.
11º Her favourite singer was Sergio Dalma.
12º She listened to a little bit of everythings.
13º She didn't had a pet.

Rocío interview:
I interview my grandmother: Her name is Isabel Gutierrez and she is 69 years old.
1ºShe didn't go to school but a tacher went to her house to teach she and ger brothers.
2ºNo, She didn't.
3ºShe played hopscotch, diabolo, blind man's buff, the undicho etc.
4ºHer first job was at the age of 8 gathering olive
5ºHer best friends was her neighbors: Anita,María, Paquito, Patro, Pepita, Enrique and Eladio.
6ºHer hardest work was gather potatoes, make tobacco and service in Granada.
7ºShe was born in Pinos Puente (Granada)
8ºYes, She had. Her nickname was Leona because her father called León
9ºHer favourite food was the rize.
10ºShe didn't like any football team.
11ºHer favourites singers were Antonio Molina and Juaito Balderrama.
12ºShe lisened flamenco.
13ºYes, she had. She had a dog called Listo.

Victor interview:
I interview my father: Her name is Jose Antonio he is 43 years old
1º Yes,he did.He went to school during 13 years.
2ºNo, he didn't.
3ºHe played football.
4ºHe's first work was farmer.
5ºHer best friend was Valentín.
6ºHer handest work was plubing.
7ºHe borned in Granada (Spain).
8ºHe's nickname was “Garza”.
9ºHis favourite food was pasta and stew.
10ºHis favourite team was Granada.
11ºHis favourite singer was Freddy Mercury.
12ºHe lisened rock.
13ºYes,he had.He had a goat.That called “Chibi”.

David interview:
I interiew my grandfather: His name is Juan Muñoz Rienda and he is 82 years old
1º No, he didn't
2º No, he didn't
3º He was shepherd
4º His best friends was Antonio
5º His hardest work was electriccian
6º No, he hasn't
7º He borned in Dilar
8º No, he hasn't
9º His favourite food was the chiken
10º His favourite football team was Real Madrid.
11º No, he hasn't.
12º He lisened to flamenco.
13º Yes he had. His had a dog, a cat, a lot of birds and horse.

1º Many of the interviewees say that went to school.
2ºAll of them worked in Spain.
3ºMany played football, hopcotch, blind man's buff...
4ºAll of his firt jobs was at the countryside and all of them work when they were a child.
5ºThe interviewees say that had best friends like Tere a Paqui's best friend, Valentin the Jose Antonio's best friend, María an Isabel's best friend and Antonio the Juan's best friend.
6ºThe hardest works that they had was agriculture and electrician.
7ºAll of them was borned in Granada.
8ºThey had nicknames like: Foca Blanca Paqui's nickname, Garza Jose Antonio's nickname or Leona Isabel's nickname.
9ºHis favourites food was pasta, rice, chiken or lentils.
10ºThey had favourite footballs teams like Real Madrid or Granada.
11ºHis favourite singers was Juanitgo Balderrama, Sergio Dalma or Freddy Mercury.
12ºMany of them said that they lisened flamenco, rock...
13ºThey had pets like dogs, hourses, goats...