·Tere Torres García.
·Esther Montero Fernández.
·Paola Pertíñez Jiménez.
·Laura Ros Duart.

Buskers-/ˈbʌskəʳ/ Musico-a , callegero-a
Hire-/'haɪər/ Contratar
Pipes-/paɪp/ Gaita
Castanets-/ˌkæstəˈnets/ Castañuelas
Horns-/hɔːn/ cuernos
Quiet-/ˈkwaɪət/ Silencioso
Gentler-/ˈkwaɪət/más suave
Lyre-/ˈlaɪəʳ/ lira
Laugh-/lɑːf/ reir, risa
Suffering-/'sʌfərɪɳ/ dolorido
Mime-/'sʌfərɪɳ/ mimo
Spread-/spred/ extensión
Hand out- repartir
Hope-esperar (de esperanza)
Seats-/siːt/ asientos
Cleverly-/ˈklevəlɪ/ inteligentemente
Needed- necesario
Nimble-/ˈnɪmbl/ ligero
Draughts- damas
Relied- confiar
Quick-/kwɪk/ rápido
Couldn't- no poder
Case-/keɪs/ caso
Arrange- colocar


43.The Romans liked music and dancing.
Groups of buskers played in the streets, or could be hired to perform at private parties. Favourite instruments of ordinary families included pipes, flutes, cymbals, castanets ans horns. Rich, well-educated people, though, thought the noise prefered the quieter, gentlersound of the lyre, which was played to accompany poets and sigers.

44.Romans theatre-goers preferred comedies to tragedies.
The comic plays had happy endings,and made audiences laugh . Tragedies were more serious , and ended with misery and suffering , and the Romans also liked clowns , and ivented mime.

45.Plays were originally part of religious.

Many famous dramas were scenes of ancient myths and legends, and were design to make people think about morals and politics.Later, plays were written on all sorts topics,inclunding politics.Some were peid for politicians,to spread their political message.They handed out free tickets to Roman citizens, hoping to win votes.

46.Theatres were huge wellbuilt structures.
One of the best Roman theatres is at orange in southern France.It has seats for aproximally 10,000 people.It is so cleverly designed, that the audience can hear the actor from the back row.

47.Roman actors all wore masks.
They were carved and painted in bright collourd , with larger than life features and exaggerated expresions.

48.Other favourite pastimes included games of skill and chance.
The adults and children enjoyed dice and knucklebones,which relied on luck and quick thinking . They played for fun and adults also made bets on who would win.

Roman actors were almost all men . Some were as popular in TV . Women coudn't sit near the stage , in casa they tried to arrange a date with one of the stars.


What are the favourite instruments among ordinary families?

What did the Romans invent in their free time?

What games did adults and children play?

What did the scenes of Ancient Roman theatres show?

Which was the best preserved Roman theatre?

What did the Romans invent?

Who could not sit next to the stage?