Hello my name is Jose. I have 12 years old. I live in dilar. I like draw and play whith my friends.

Complete the chart about your favourite meal

favourite meal:wednesday dinner
where:my house
who eats the meal:my syster and me
food in the meal:chips, pizza and chocolate cake
write a description of your favourite meal. Use the writing model in exercise 2 to help you

What is my favourite meal? It's wednesday dinner.
My parentsaren't at home and my syster and me eat together.
There is chips and pizza.
For dessert, there's chocolate cake.
Everithing is delicious.

Add at least two sentences about your favourite parts of the meal

-See he television channel MTV
-Eat a lot of kake

My city: Granada
by Jose Pérez Sevilla
I live in Granada. Granada has got many interesting places to visit. There are shops, cinemas, restaurants and museums. My favourite place in Granada is a shopping centre call Serrallo.
I often go there with my family. We see the clothes shops and sometimes we watch a film in the Serrallo cinema.
The science park are cool too. In this place you can learn a lot of things and are very funny.
Granada is a great place to live.


poem of true love.png


Are you looking for a good film to see?

Then try Avatar.
Avatar is an animated 3D film for all ages.
The main character is Jake.
Jake goes to a planet called Pandora to investigate a new type of humans.
Avatar is more interesting than other science fiction films.
I recommend it.