Hello my name is laura and I'm 12 years old. I live in Otura (Granada). I'm in 1ºB. I like music, animals, playing tennis and other many things ;)

My favourite meal

  • Favourite meal:Sunday lunch.
  • Where:at home.
  • Who eats the meal:my father, mather, brother, and me too.
  • Food in the meal: rice with shrimp and rabbit and for dessert a piece of fruit or a yoghurt.


What is my favourite meal? It's Sunday lunch. We eat rice with shrimp and rabbit ad my parents drink beer, my brother orange juice and me lemon juice. For dessert we have a pice of fruit or a yughurt. Is a deliceus lunch! But the best part is that we are with the family.

My favourite place

·Name of city or town: Granada.
·Interesting places to visit:monuments, restaurants, shopping centres.
·Favourite place:Serrallo Plaza.
·Activities at favouriteplace:see a film, buy clothes, go to dinner.


I live in Otura, Granada in Spain. Granada has got many interesting places to visit. There are monuments, restaurats and shopping centres.My favourite place in Granada is Serrallo Plaza. I sometimes go with my friends and other days with my family.When I go with my frieds we see a film and go to dinner and when I go with my family we buy clothes and also go to dinner.Next to this centre there are a park with zip lines.



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