Favourite meal: Fruit salad.
Where: In my house.
Who eats the meal: My family.
Food in the meal: Bananas, corn, kiwi, carrots, onions and olives.

Sunday dinner

What is favourite meal? It´s sunday dinner. My family is always at home for sunday dinner and we all eat together.There is bananas, corn, kiwi, carrots, onions, and olives.There is a big salad.For dessert, there´s ice-cream.Everything is delicious!


The cheetah lives. It is a very big feline. Some few ones of cheetah live in Iran and others live in the North-East of Afghanistan. It weighs between 50 and 60 kilos and they measure between 1.10 and 1.50 meters without counting the tail. It has the very thin and long legs, the head is small and round. The hair is yellowish with black spots. Below the eyes it has two black stripes.


My city: Granada

by Pablo Jiménez

I live in Granada,Otura in Spain. Granada has got many interesting sculpture of King Boabdid. My favourite sculpture is the Alhambra. I often go there with my family. We see the sculpure of the King Boabdil.

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poem of love.pngOf Adrián Garzón Moreno and Pablo Jiménez Ortega