Christmas Day :)

In Christmas day dinner turkey, consomme, cheese, calms, prawns...ect.Dessert also we tiramisu and drink every man to his taste.I eat turkey and drink coke,in dessert not eat tiramisu because i do not like the cake.

Christmas Day

Favourite meal
Christmas day
In house of my uncles
Who eat the meal
My Family
Food in the meal

About My City ;)
Name of city/town:
Interesting places to visit:
Alhambra, Generalife, Sierra nevada...
Favourite place:
Sierra nevada.
Activities of favourite place:
My city :)
I live in Granada (Spain).Granada has got many places to visit. There are schools, cementerys, restaurant, cinema, supermarket...etc.My favourite places in Granada is the "Sierra Nevada".I often go ther with my family.We buying and eating in shoping.
Granada is a good city.